End Of Term by David Daiches

About the Author

Scottish author David Daiches writes Born in 1912, he passed away in 2005. He was a professor, historian, and literary critic. He wrote about Scottish, English, and English-language literature. He remained president of the Association of Scottish Literary Societies. He published several books. The piece “End of Term” from his book “Tow Worlds: Edinburgh Jewish Childhood” has been removed.

Main Points of the essay

  1. Feelings of David Daiches about school life
  2. The feelings about unexpected holidays and breaks during school time
  3. Feelings on the Summer, Easter and Winter holidays
  4. His desires and wishes when he was a child
  5. His pocket money, and where did he spend that money?


David Daiches provides a very intriguing account of his time spent in school in this article. For students, school life is often challenging. Even if the writer was a good student, going to school was not always simple. He dislikes having to wake up early in the morning. He found schoolwork and his routinely boring school life to be boring. His time at school was monotonous and competitive. He had a ton of homework to complete in class. He didn’t have time for amusement or delight. The author did not enjoy any of this.

Due to the fact that Sunday and Saturday were both off days, the writer had two really joyful days throughout the week. Due to the fact that Friday night falls on two holidays, it was the best night of the week. The writer’s Sunday night was absolutely horrible because the following morning was the start of the school week.

Both the writer and all of the pupils enjoyed breaks. Occasionally, school might be called off due to unforeseen circumstances. The pupils enjoyed these breaks. They occasionally celebrated scatting on holidays in the winter. Each semester ends with one Monday off. For the writer, it was a really joyous occasion since it turned two holidays into three holidays. The Christmas and Easter holidays brought the writer a lot of joy. These vacations were beautiful and unequaled. The author claims that summer jobs were quite fun and that she looked forward to them all year because they only last for two months.

The writer’s youth was filled with unfulfilled dreams. For instance, when he was younger, he yearned for tricycles and bicycles. At the age of 21, he purchased a bicycle from the proceeds of a prize, thereby fulfilling his ambition. He and his brother yearned for ice cream and candy.

The author claims that he was forbidden from using his pocket money. He saved money by keeping his pocket in a money box. In his early years, he was unable to accomplish his dreams, but every year, his wish for a summer vacation came true.

Synopsis/Short Summary of the essay

The author of this article has discussed his experiences in school as well as his sentiments on many occasions. He claims that the amount of schoolwork and the monotonous schedule made school life difficult for him to enjoy.
He describes how he had to wake up early every day to get ready for school when he was in school. He cherished summertime and thought of it as a time of joy and happiness. He looked forward to Sunday all week because he enjoyed it. He had a great weekend.

The writer claims that he was at ease when Friday finally arrived since there would be two uninterrupted days between Friday and Monday, the next working day. Thus, Friday morning was unique. Sunday was the worst night of the week.

When his term was going to end and summer vacations arrived, he went home happily.

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