Essay on Corruption for F.A/F.Sc Inter Part II

Corruption  is not only the name of bribery and embezzlement, breaking of one’s promise

and trust or violating the rules of financial and material matters are also forms of corruption. Using a holy name to derive personal or worldly meaning is also corruption. Corruption is a disease that spreads like a contagion and consumes society. We all know that this deadly disease has destroyed our socio-political and spiritual life.

Corruption is like a reflective vine, that is, the yellow vine that binds the trees and sucks their life. Even the religious and educational institutions that protect the moral health of the society, fall a prey to it. The struggle against an evil depends on the moral standards of the society. What matters is what we all reject and what we accept. Corruption cannot be fought with corrupt attitudes.

So, by asking for his share in the loot, he supports corruption, which deepens the process of destruction. The reforming forces and the judiciary, which the society nurtures with its own blood to protect it by becoming an immune system, merge with the self-attack and robbery. They attack the body they were assigned to protect.

Our leadership probably had no idea of ​​the problems that our people were going to face during the partition of India, so there was no concrete plan for the resettlement of the refugees at a time when our blood-bathed refugee camps were rotting. The looting of the abandoned properties of Hindus and Sikhs was going on in the country as if it were the festival of Eid. Clever opportunists were making money, leaders were sitting in the rehabilitation offices bargaining for their shares, dirty stories of agency crimes in the camps were also circulating.

Corruption is related to morality. Corruption means bad or bad and conduct means morality. That is, the literal meaning of corruption is conduct that is in any way immoral and improper. When a person goes against the accepted norms of the judicial system and uses wrongful conduct to fulfill his vested interest, that person is said to be corrupt. Today, in a country like India, which is called a golden bird, the roots of corruption are spreading.

Corruption is like a disease. Corruption is increasing rapidly in Pakistan today. Its roots are spreading fast. If it is not stopped in time, it will destroy the whole country.

The impact of corruption is far reaching. No area of ​​life is free from its effects. If we talk about this year, there are many examples that show the growing influence of corruption. Like the spot-fixing of players in the IPL, many people also do not shy away from paying bribes in their desire to get good jobs. Today every section of Pakistan is suffering from this disease. There are many people in India who are caught in this disease of corruption. Today, India ranks 94th in the world in terms of corruption. There are many types of corruption like bribery, black marketing, deliberate price gouging, money laundering, bringing cheap goods and selling expensive etc.

Causes of Corruption

There are many causes of corruption. such as dissatisfaction. When one suffers from scarcity, one is forced to commit corruption. Due to inequality, selfishness and dishonesty, man corrupts himself. People affected by inferiority complex and jealousy are also forced to adopt corruption. Also, bribery, nepotism etc. give rise to corruption.

Measures to prevent corruption

It is like a contagious disease. Strict punishment should be given to prevent the spread of corruption at various levels in the society. The situation of corruption today is that if a person is caught in the case of bribery, then he is freed from the same case by giving bribe. . Corruption is the biggest attack on our moral values. People involved in corruption are blind in their selfishness and bring the name of the nation into disrepute.

Unless this crime is severely punished, this disease will consume the entire country like termites. People have to develop honesty in themselves. The benefits of good behavior should be passed on to the next generation.

So it is very important that we crush this poisonous snake of corruption. At the same time, the government should also take effective measures to eradicate corruption so that we can save Pakistan from the evil practices like corruption and fulfill the dream of development of our country Pakistan.

Pakistan is ranked 19th in this world list along with Nigeria and Moldova and has a score of 32 and a ranking of 120. In the 2018 report of the world organization, Pakistan was ranked 33 and ranked 117, and this score was one rank better than the previous two years. In 2019, Pakistan has once again come to par with 2017 and 2016 in terms of corruption in government departments.

The rest of the nations progress and we are gradually going back to decline. It should be noted that for the past one and a half years, the Tehreek-e-Insaf government in power in Pakistan has been continuously expressing its determination to eliminate corruption and corruption from the country and has been making claims in this regard.

The main task of NAB in Pakistan is accountability and recovery of national wealth looted from corrupt elements. Last year, NAB claimed that the amount to be recovered is 71 billion rupees, but after that, during the next two, three months, the recovery claim increased from 71 billion to 153 billion, directly or indirectly. Which has not been confirmed by this international organization and has been seen with concern.

The tragedy is that the people who were made the captain of the boat nation kept the nation oblivious to the reality of the storm. When the powerful people have become corrupt, what can be expected of honesty and integrity from a common citizen? This corruption has damaged our country like a termite eats even the strongest wood.

Moral values ​​and the spirit of heartache are the treasures that make any nation respectable. Dear audience, the biggest institution of anti-corruption is the heart in our body. The judge of the court of conscience can hold corruption accountable. Step-by-step cooperation with the Anti-Bribery Department is required. This is a jihad. The biggest court in the world is our conscience.

“The friends of the scholar are more and the enemies of the rich are more. The real beauty of a person is inside the clothes, which is his character. Elevated character is achieved by divine remembrance.”

The society or the nation whose conscience is dead, the sense of death continues, that nation is in trouble. Our mind software never lies. Teachers are the heroes of national development. The efforts of teachers to make the new generation true Muslims and true Pakistanis cannot be ignored in any way. Apart from the teachers, it is the duty of the scholars and the media to fulfill their duty as a national responsibility for the elimination of intemperance from the society.

The entire subsequent history is littered with myths and stories of corruption and nepotism, so we wonder what is the justification for complaining about corruption and accusing each other of crimes, But the truth is that there is a justification for it. In a society full of narcissism, such behavior is natural because the narcissist has a compulsion to blame others.

Corruption in Pakistan has become a sign of sanity, an act which is a standard of intelligence is a proof of being a subject in the society, but at the same time abusing corruption is also a standard and a subject. Each of us has corruption of others. There is a list with solid proofs of which we long for similar achievements.

May God help us all to do justice-based affairs, Amen.

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