Essay on Information Technology/IT for F.A/F.Sc Part II

Technology can basically be defined as the application of knowledge

to the construction and development of tools and equipment that can be used in many different ways. Technology is a very integral part of everyday life for each of us. Although technology has come a long way in making life easier for each of us. Technology has also brought various negative effects that we cannot ignore. Technology is essentially the way we carry out the discoveries of science and combine it with our needs. Technology is a general term that refers to the various tools, machines and devices we use in our daily lives. These tools and equipments are made by man to make the work fast, easy and comfortable.

Technology development

Technology has come a long way since the invention of the wheel to the use of microchips in computers and mobiles. Man has reached the moon and has explored outer space only because of advances in the field of aeronautics. Even ancient professions like agriculture have seen many technological advances with modern tools such as traction engines and steam tractor technology helping us to thrive.

Technological advancements have allowed people to quickly access various sources of information. This is possible thanks to the invention of the Internet, whose network of connections provides access to a wealth of knowledge to people all over the world. Before the Internet, humans had more or less limited access to information, as it was only available in libraries. But now All the books can be got by them from home through internet.

Similarly, many professionals took more time to conduct their investigation. Today they have a large number of electronic mechanisms that allow them to quickly access the bibliography needed for their work. Similarly, one can take an online course and learn about any topic. What he wants to know.

Current technology allows us to keep in touch with people and organizations all over the world. This benefits entrepreneurs and various companies, as they can communicate with their clients quickly and effectively. Thanks to technological advancements, people no longer need to be active in order to purchase products, as they can do so on their own. Get from the tool with just one click.

In addition, fields such as advertising or marketing have enhanced their development with virtual platforms (such as social networks, web pages, among others) created by scientific knowledge.

Main Examples

Although there are countless examples where technology has changed our lives, there are also some that are considered revolutions for mankind. In one such example, the technology used in the field of robotics is now used by people and industries worldwide for various purposes. They are also used in areas that are otherwise considered harmful to humans and thus protect us.

One such area is sanitation and waste management. Artificial Intelligence is another field that is the best example of human technological advancement. Who would have thought that a machine would be able to think like we do. This is what AI has been able to do. It is an intelligent machine capable of behaving like us, it can perform activities like problem solving, learning, planning, and even reasoning. AI is used in all major fields such as war, security, healthcare and communication. On top of that it is more efficient than us and has a lower error rate.

Importance of Technology

Technology has its own importance in our life without the development of technology our life would not be easy and fast and the modernity that the world is witnessing is all possible due to the technological development in various fields. Moreover, it has helped to reduce the risks that people had to take in many sectors such as mining, with new tools available making work less risky and more efficient. Technology has increased the productivity of industries. has increased, as well as allowed resources to be used more efficiently.

For example: Earlier, watering and harvesting of crops could take a long time, but with advancement in technology it can be cultivated very quickly. This is why it is confirmed that technology increases productivity. Human beings have been enabled to improve their health system by technology. For example, technologies such as genetic engineering can cure hitherto incurable diseases, and sensors make it possible to monitor vital signs and prevent disease.

Similarly, many scientists today are working on the development of artificial products that will allow people to replace a missing limb or an organ that has been severely damaged. As new technologies emerge, New jobs are also created. You can see that there are professions today that did not exist forty years ago, such as web writers, digital marketers, video game designers, etc. Similarly, technology has significantly increased the journey of advancement in many other fields.

Harms of Technology

Although technological advancements are important to us, it is also true that nowadays we seem to depend on them a lot. Technology failures can be seen in the following ways. The purpose of using mobile was to stay in touch in difficult times but now we see that children are too much involved in different applications on mobile and wasting their precious time.

Many crimes have been reported through misuse of digital technology. It has also been observed that many people lack the basic education required to ensure proper use of the technology available today, in fact most of them use it for the sake of fashion and hence misuse it. People have become so dependent on technology that they no longer want to do any manual activity even for small tasks that can be done by hand people prefer to do it through technology. The result is that man has become mentally and physically disabled.


Technology is indeed a boon to mankind and it is most important for the economic development of a country. Modern technology has indeed succeeded in reducing human effort and risk in doing many things but it is still up to us to see how well we make the best use of the technology available to us. While on the one hand we can use the technological advancement of nuclear energy to generate electricity and help light up many villages.

On the other hand the same nuclear energy can be used to make bombs on a large scale can cause havoc. Similarly robots and other technological advancements have served us as a good servant but the moment it becomes a master it can wipe humanity off the face of the earth.

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