Essay on Terrorism for F.A/F.Sc  Inter Part II

The meaning of terrorism is to create an atmosphere of fear.

Terrorism has the same meaning as the word “Arhaab” in Arabic, which is derived from the verb “Arhab”. And it means to scare. On the other hand, the English word terror is derived from the Latin word terrier, which also means to frighten. It is as if terrorism,Arhaab  and terror are the same meaning, which means to frighten someone by attacking his life, property, honor and dignity.

At a global seminar held in 1979, an American and British intelligence agency set a new definition of terrorism. According to this new definition, terrorism is the use of violence against public interests to achieve political goals. As if by this definition, terrorism has been linked to the achievement of political objectives, that is, in simple words, it means that any person or group who spreads terror for the achievement of political objectives should be called a terrorist. Terrorism is a barbaric tactic Over the past few decades, the definition of terrorism has expanded. An Englishman says that killings, corruption, hijacking of passenger trains, kidnapping for ransom and the worst violence are terrorism.

In the present era, human life is like an innocent bird caught in the clutches of suffering and pain, which can neither complain to the lord nor complain to the fate, but seems helpless and helpless in the grip of the cycle of time. Earlier, the life which was considered as a beautiful place of beauty, now the same life is seen as a constant oppression, there is an endless series of problems that make the life of a human being away from beauty and causing him to suffer.

In 1851, Thomas, in view of this problem, defined human life in such a way that neither letters, nor the arts, nor the constant fear of violent death make such human life despicable and uncertain. Terrorism is not only a product of this era. It is known from the Holy Quran that Iblis has resolved to dissolve the poison of malice and hatred in the human society by spreading evil.

According to the Qur’anic references, the terrorism of the pharaohs is also considered to be a Muslim who committed the genocide of the children of Israel by considering it to be a mere illusion and no one had the courage to shake his house. In order to block the way of invasion and cooperation in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the countries of the Middle East and the Western countries started an armed jihad. When the Russian forces withdrew, at first these organizations remained at odds with each other. Then after 9 /11 Pakistan became their target.

Therefore, explosions started in military centers, schools, police centers and markets. In the current wave of terrorism in Pakistan, jihadis of our past are being used.  9 /11 had various effects on the world stage. Yesterday’s Jihad was declared the terrorism of today and jihadist centers around the world were attacked by allied forces.

Types of Terrorism

There are many types of terrorism, namely

  1. State Terrorism,
  2. Religious Terrorism,
  3. Sectarian Terrorism,
  4. Anti-Terrorism,
  5. Individual or Organizational Terrorism.

i.The first type of terrorism is state terrorism. It is the type of terrorism in which, in the name of national or national interests, a nation is occupied against its sovereignty, its resources are looted or they are oppressed. Persecution is allowed, like India, Kashmiri Jews, Palestine, Russia, Chechnya and Syria, America occupied and oppressed Iraq and Afghanistan, but all this was done under the guise of national interests.

ii. Another type of terrorism is religious terrorism. This type of terrorism is also very common in the religious world. In the name of religion, the lives and property of people of other religions are attacked. Today, this form of terrorism is spreading like an epidemic in the whole world.

For example, the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat, the burning of the Samjhauta Express, the riots in Delhi and the killing of Muslims for cow slaughter, the massacre of Muslims in Burma, the burning of Christian settlements for personal gain in Gujranwala, the attack on a mosque in New Zealand and the hate campaign against Muslims in Europe are all forms of religious terrorism. In all these incidents, humanity does not see the name of those who play with the lives and honor of others in the name of religion.

iii. One type of terrorism is sectarian terrorism. It usually occurs between different sects belonging to the same religion. In the past, the long bloody battles between Catholic and Protestant sects in Europe belong to this type. This type of terrorism has existed in one way or another among Muslims themselves and there has been a tendency to harm a particular sect or group for any reason, although Allah would not have made a mistake if they had remembered the words of Allah.

It is said in the Holy Qur’an, “Hold fast to the rope of Allah and do not break it.”

iv. A type of hostile terrorism is in this style of terrorism, terrorist activities are carried out to create chaos in another country. India through its secret agency, America CIA and Israel Masad, incites chaos around the world and deprives thousands of people of their lives and property. Because of this type of terrorism only darkness reigns in the world.

v. Individual-organizational terrorism is a style in which a person detonates bombs among innocent and ordinary people against an organization or country for personal reasons and damages life and property. Undoubtedly, shedding the blood of innocent people is the worst sin in the sight of Allah. Whoever does this will deserve the severest punishment from Allah. Taking all these things into consideration, terrorism, regardless of the reason, has a very bad effect on the general economy of the country and the overall social psychology, and the element of fear and indifference increases in the society as a whole. The result of which is mandatory killing and looting.

The fact is that in the universal wave of terrorism, it is necessary for man to understand his purpose of creation and to make brotherhood and love his motto, to recognize his duty and to recognize the rights of others. Keep yourself within the limits of morals and law, when morals are alive and humanity awakens, then terrorism will die automatically. The agony of arms should be for the protection of humanity and not for the agony and bloodbath of humanity.

The goodness and badness of everything is hidden in its use. The most important thing is that a person should fully adopt the code of life that the Creator has sent for him through his Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). And being a servant of God on God’s earth, Islam is the only religion that does not believe in any discrimination between humans, whites, blacks, Arabs, foreigners, everyone is considered equal and the total humanity is called the family of Allah.

Only Islam can remove any national, ethnic, linguistic prejudices between them and make them a family. Therefore, for the sake of terrorism, it will not be wrong if Islam prevails in the whole world. And surely humanity will reach its ascension. And the hatred and bigotry of the world will end, the oppressor will reach his end and the oppressed will get his right, the ship of capitalism will sink and the knowledge of truth will rise. Indeed, this is the prescription alchemy for this suffering humanity.

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