Gunpowder Plot in the play “Macbeth”

 Queen Elizabeth I of England passed away on 24th March, 1603.Her era was taken by King James VI who live Scotland. Many people of the community started to have trust for the future of their country with new leadership. Before ascended the throne by King James, Britain had been embroiled in contradict for ten years between the religion of new Protestant and the tradition of the Catholic. King James had a mother, wife, and daughter that had Catholic religion. It seemed that he will leave the state of former Protestant and reestablish Catholicism of English. However, that’s why James did not have an intention to change his religion fully.

Shakespeare’s play focuses on the character of Macbeth who was called a power-hungry character who had an aim to kill King Duncan of Scotland because he wanted to rule and was very desirous to rule over the world. The discord  between Macbeth and Duncan can be easily found in James’ designers at Gunpowder Plot. In line with that view, many characters and ideas are used to flatter King James by Duncan, as the use of witches does in the whole story. He also uses the elements in the game that are celebrating the idea of ​​having a king at all are used by him.

In the end, and most important thing is that, the results of Gunpowder’s plot are used by Shakespeare in Macbeth to clear viewers what life would be same without a ruling king. In this play, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have been playing the role of composers by the Shakespeare from Gunpowder Plot. In contrary, the composers, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth succeeded in their assassination of King Duncan, and not only Shakespeare has used this not only as a way to explain the concept at Gunpowder Plot, but also to show the readers what could have happened if he had succeeded.

The speculation of Macbeth about the spectacular events of the Gunpowder Plot and its effects are typical of Shakespeare’s often-kept method of referring to cultural issues, but it leaves an attracting inner thought into today’s actor’s reply to an important event.

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