How making America great Again?

The American Dream of returning greatness to America was the first political concept we encountered in American politics. Several American presidents have exploited this dream for cultural, political, or electoral advantage. Every politician has unavoidably stated that they want America to regain its former splendor, brightness, and color. This is seen in the image where Joe Biden is seen holding up a piece of cardboard on which the same slogan has been blatantly printed. With a great deal of frustration, Donald Trump remarked that Joe Biden appeared to have stolen his political catchphrase in an attempt to appeal to the general public as he held up the cardboard with the phrase “making America great again.” It’s possible that the image encompasses more than simply the two presidents, each of whom represents a different political viewpoint; rather, it represents America’s whole history.

Going back to the most recent US elections, we would discover that this image played a significant role in American politics. Joe Biden was seen as a liberal, democratic, and supporter of science, while Donald Trump was perceived as being out of control. In the face of COVID-19, he let America down, but at the same time, Biden inspired the country’s citizens to see the hope that had been dimmed by Donald Trump’s bigotry. He made people vote for him because he was up to the challenge. Upon closer inspection, it appears that Joe Biden’s cardboard representation reflects his political beliefs and aspirations.

Second, Donald Trump made a clear and convincing case in the photo that the phrase Joe Biden is flaunting was stolen. taken from the past. Joe Biden appears to be a copy-and-paste kind of person. Additionally, Trump’s accusation that Joe Biden is “plagiarizing” by reusing old campaign slogans rather than introducing the American people to fresh ideas is a serious critique of Biden. Joe Biden appears to be offering Donald Trump a political justification. Although Joe Biden may be using it as a political ploy, Trump is correct that this slogan has a lengthy history and is now outdated. Joe Biden needs to have demonstrated a new gesture, a new political stance, and a new political catchphrase if he truly believes he is a man of current ideals and class. According to Trump, it’s just a matter of reliving the past in vain.

To put it another way, Trump’s campaign slogan of “making America great again” is a sharp critique of his racist policies. Joe Biden’s slogan may have been used to demonstrate to Trump that it was more than just a political slogan—rather, it was a political card that was being used against him because he had become a racist in America. People believe that you did nothing to stop George Floyd’s murder and have effectively granted state impunity to white people. This phrase also implies that America is great because of its justice system. Gaining that glory can only be accomplished with equality, fairness, and tolerance. But none of the attributes enumerated in this brief slogan applied to Trump’s administration, which may have been the reason why voters did not choose him to fill the powerful position of president once more.

The phrase “Making America great again” has a literal meaning in addition to its political connotations. There were many Americans who had worked in factories for the longest hours throughout the industrial revolution. People with strong factories, enterprises, and resources took use of the energy of the impoverished for their own gain. Intellectuals of the era introduced the slogan, “We cannot truly emerge great until we do justice and equality with all,” to the nation’s political arena at that time. even everyone who works for wealthy people in their enterprises. Naturally, political, civil rights, and religious organizations adopted this catchphrase as a political ploy to convince the public that America’s greatness is derived from the way we treat our citizens.

Last but not least, there are a lot of nuances to the political slogan “making America great again.” Even though Joe Biden accused Donald Trump of being a thief who stole political phrases from American history, it can be utilized as a political slogan, as shown in the photo. In actuality, it’s a picture that depicts the American past in which optimism triumphs against pessimism.

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