Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have completely changed people’s lives. In earlier times, people had to face difficulties communicating with each other. It used to be that you had to spend a lot of money to buy a camera to take pictures, and then you had to wait for several days to see the pictures, but today we have many such facilities in one place. The solution is here. This revolutionary technology of rectangular shapes is getting better and better with the passage of time, and it is affecting people’s lives a lot.

Since the invention of the mobile phone, it has become an essential part of almost every person’s life. According to a conservative estimate, almost half of the population uses a mobile phone. 96% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 say that a mobile phone is an important necessity for them. It was also mentioned that every person individually checks their mobile phone every 6 minutes. Everything has its pros and cons. This is natural. In this article, we will examine in depth how mobile phones What is beneficial for us, and how are its disadvantages affecting our lives?

Immediate contact

Mobile phones were actually developed from the early communication system. It was invented to improve the communication of people with each other. I don’t know which methods have removed all the barriers in the way of communication. People all over the world can not only talk to their loved ones but also see them even when they are far away because of mobile phones. Actually, shortening distances is a huge advantage of mobile phones.

Website Searching

Mobile phones have made website searching very easy for people. These devices are integrated with mobile, which helps them search the website anytime and anywhere. According to a study, 10% of the total time spent on mobile phones is spent opening browsers to search the Internet. In addition, people have an approach to the articles of information.


A camera is very important in this era of selfies because, because of mobile phones, people don’t have to buy separate cameras to take pictures and videos. Especially nowadays, when people like to post their pictures on social media, a camera is a must. According to a 2014 study by ComTech, the third top priority of a user in buying a mobile phone is the camera, and mobile enthusiasts make sure that their mobile phone has a great camera.


Mobile is a great source of books, games, movies, music, and entertainment. According to 2016 statistics, 7.63 million people in North America use mobile to play games. You can listen to your favorite song while sitting in the middle. Watching movies and reading books from e-books is also very easy because of mobile phones.


Its benefits are also numerous in the field of education, especially if we talk about children. From easy access to information and educational materials to educational videos and interesting games that challenge the mental capacity, the child would have many opportunities to learn. If they want to know about a specific topic, they can not only find their desired topic by searching on the Internet, but their knowledge also increases a lot.

Useful application

Mobile can do almost everything through apps Google Play has more than 2 million apps, compared to 1.5 million apps in the Apple Store. People spend almost 90% of their time searching for apps, and on average, every user has 36 apps on their mobile device. The functionality (procedure) of the apps used varies from one to the other, such as an online store, ticket booking, video editor, personal assistant photo, payment system, data analysis, etc.

GPS (Global Positioning System)

Most mobile phones are now equipped with the Global Positioning System (GPS). With the help of this technology, people can easily reach any desired address or area around the world. This has improved not only communication but also transportation.

Protection of personal information

With mobile, you can do whatever you want without anyone knowing. You can take pictures and save them in your personal folder, ) can also be done comfortably through mobile.


Mobiles are expensive, especially those that have a lot of apps, space, and features. Apart from mobiles, there are also many apps that have to be purchased to fully utilize all the features, even if you use the Internet. Even if you want to do it, you will have to spend money.

Poor social interaction

According to a new report by an analytical organization (Flowery), people spend 5 hours a day using mobile phones. They also said that in 2017, the ratio of people using different apps had increased to 69%, with social communication being very weak. People’s priorities have changed; nowadays, people prefer their elders, children, friends, and family members.


As everything has pros and cons, this device has many pros and cons. We should use mobile phones in such a way that it does not affect our health, life, or environment and does not harm the lives of others.
In the year 2023, mobile phones will gain importance in the world of science and technology, and they will bring about changes in people’s daily lives. Its positive use and limitations are needed so that we can reap its benefits and avoid its harms.

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