Multi Topic Essay/Essay Based on one Topic

  1. Social problems in our society and crimes in our society.     2. Corruption.
  2. Social evils.                                                                             4. Nepotism.
  3. Smuggling.                                                                              6. Over population.
  4. Population and poverty.                                                          8. Inflation.
  5. Dearness.                                                                                10. Sectarianism.
  6. Social and economic problems of Pakistan.                           12. Economic crises.
  7. Mass illiteracy.                                                                   14. Beggary.
  8. Drug addiction.                                                                       16. Bribery.
  9. Dowry.                                                                                     18. Violence.
  10. Despair.                                                                                   20. Depression.
  11. Black marketing.                                                                     22. Social and economic crises.
  12. Indiscipline.                                                                             24. Hoarding.
  13. Hypocrisy.                                                                               26. Injustice.
  14. Road side robbery.                                                                  28. Provincialism.
  15. Religious violence.                                                                  30. Ethic violence.
  16. Lack of tolerance.                                                                   32. Disunity.
  17. Black biting.                                                                            34. Unemployment.
  18. Terrorism.                                                                               36. Lawlessness.
  19. Violation of fundamental rights.                                            38. Feudalism or Feudal Repute.
  20. Capitalism.                                                                              40. Flattery.
  21. Health problems.                                                                    42. Freedom of press.
  22. Tax exclusion.                                                                         44. In sufficient medical facilities.
  23. Crushing border of foreign debt.                                            46. The devastation of currency.
  24. Electricity crises.                                                                     48. Child Labour.
  25. Mass illiteracy.                                                                       50. Corruption.
  26. Pollution.                                                                                 52. Adulteration.
  27. Poverty.                                                                                   54. Smoking.
  1. Introduction
  2. The evil impacts and implication of ____________
  3. Causes of the _____________
  4. Remedies.
  5. Conclusion.

Start:               It is very unfortunate that social evils in our country have developed into institutions. Now we find a great many social evils surrounding us like diseased trees that no one dares to cut down. The carriers of social evil are human beings who are like disease carries with little hope of recovery.  _____________________is one of the biggest social evil in our society.

            This problem has reached an alarming stage for the last few years. Now it has become danger for our safety. That is why it needs to be tackled immediately. This evil is not limited to our society. It has spread in the whole world. This worldwide problem has been disturbing the whole world, but in our country its intensity has greatly increased. It has paralyzed our society, political, moral and economic institution. We are perhaps the worst victims.

The main causes of _______are mass illiteracy, poverty, wrong economic policies of the government, people’s insatiable (impossible to satisfy) desire to accumulate countless riches and blind multiplication of worldly whishes. _____________creates irresistible, economic pressures on social and economic justice and gulfs (difference in opinion) have been increased between the lower and upper class.

            In a nutshell, mass illiteracy, temptation for ostentation of wealth, lust for power, luxury and comfort are the main causes of ________. Social, religious, linguistic differences also breed (produce) conflict and confrontation bias (prejudice) and hatred among the people who in back flesh grow and spread _____. Secondly feudalism, capitalism and unequal distribution of opportunities, un-availability of fundamental rights and liberties spread ____________

Thirdly the non –availability of basic necessities and facilities also paves the way to spread _____________in a society or state.

            There are some of the following suggestions as under;

  1. Administrative system of the country should be improved.
  2. Literacy rate should be increases.
  3. Co-operation between govt. and the masses is essential feature to eradicate this problem.
  4. Govt. must provide opportunities for progress available to all the people.
  5. National unity is must.
  6. Religion always plays a very vital role to solve any problem. Islam is a complete code of life, and a universal religion. Help of Islam should be taken to solve the problem of __________.

It is very sad that, even after more than half a century of independent existence, we are still gripped by ____________________. Only through effective, moral and social education of the people and establishment of a true political, economic an social system, based on high moral principles, can we bring this evil to an end. We need to have equality, justice and opportunities for progress. If we cannot provide these, we cannot hope to have a society free of ________________ or independent in the true sense.

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