Essay My Last Day at College or My Last Day at School

“Friends depart, and memory takes them to her caverns, pure and deep” (Thomas Haynes)

My memories of my last day of college are still very much intact. It was an exciting and feeling-filled day. Our juniors, the first-year students, threw a goodbye party for us, the second-year students. I’ve never been able to leave on time for college. But on that particular day, I beat the record and arrived on time for the institution. The classes were suspended on that memorable day so that we could say our last goodbyes.

“How lucky it is to have something that makes it so hard to say goodbye.”

When I got to the campus, I ran across my dear friends, who were now prepared to part ways. On the one hand, I am eager to finish school and begin a new phase of my life. On the other side, as I bid farewell to my friends and instructors who have contributed to my college experience, I am experiencing grief and nostalgia.

I am overcome with nostalgia as I stroll around the college campus for the last time. After a brief conversation with friends, we took some lovely pictures of different areas of our campus. I still remember how I felt on my first day of college—both anxious and excited—and how quickly I made friends and settled in.

I also recall the extended study sessions, late-night cramming sessions, and difficulties I had while in college. But I also recall the aid and direction I received from my instructors and friends throughout the challenging periods.

“Things may end, but memories will last forever.”

I am appreciative of the information and abilities I have acquired throughout my time in college when I think back on my time there. Along with my instructors, my friends, and extracurricular activities, they have all taught me something. I’ve matured as a person and gained self-assurance and a feeling of freedom.

The feeling of connection and community I have had at college is among the things I will miss the most when I leave. As a student, my professors and classmates have always been supportive of me and have allowed me to develop close relationships with them.

I will also miss the freedom and adaptability that come with being a student, which is another aspect of college that I will regret. I’ve had the chance to investigate many topics and pursuits and to identify my hobbies and interests.

Additionally, I will miss the campus and all of its amenities, including the cafeteria, gym, and library. I have spent many hours studying, working out, and socializing at these locations over the last four years, and they have served as my second home. I am also appreciative of the friendships I have developed while attending college. I will always treasure the memories that we have created together, since these are friendships that will last a lifetime.

I’m excited and looking forward to the future as I bid goodbye to college and look to the future. I’m prepared to face the difficulties of everyday life and leave my imprint on the world. But I will always cherish and be grateful for the time I spent at college.

The music in my heart I bore ,
Long after it was heard, no more (Wordsworth)

To sum up, my last day at college is a bittersweet occasion for me. I am eager to leave college and begin a new chapter in my life, but I will also miss the people, places, and experiences that have made up my college career. I am appreciative of the information, abilities, and friendships I have acquired throughout my time here, and I will always cherish my college years.

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