Important Pair of Words for Inter F.A/ F.Sc

Important Pair of Words English
1Abjectگھٹیا۔حقیرThey are living in abject poverty.
 objectمقصدHis object in life is to become a doctor.
2Accedeمنظور کرناAslam acceded to his request.
 Exceedبڑھ جاناDon’t exceed the speed limit.
3AccessرسائI have no access to the Director.
 ExcessذیادتیExcess in eating is not good.
4Acceptقبول کرناI accept your offer.
 ExceptسواۓAll were tired except Aslam.
5Adaptکے مطابق بناناWe adapt to the change easily.
 Adoptاختیار کرنا۔گود لیناI adopted his style of speaking.
6AdviceنصیحتHe gave me a good piece of advice.
 Adviseنصیحت کرناI advised him to work hard.
7Affectاثر ڈالناSmoking affects health.
 Effectنتیجہ۔اثرMy advice had no effect on him.
8Addجمع کرنا۔اضافہHe added me in the list.
 AdاشتہارI gave an ad in the newspaper.
 AidمددHe can walk with the aid of the stick.
9AllusionحوالہHis essay is full of different allusions.
 Illusionنظر کا دھوکاIt is an illusion that the sun revolves around the sun.
10Altarقربان گاہThe cow was brought to the alter.
 Alterترمیم کرناHe has altered his mind about studies.
11AngelفرشتہMy daughter looks like an angel.
 AngleزاویہI draw an angle of 90 degree.
12AscentچڑھائیThe ascent of this hill is too easy to climb.
 AssentمنظوریThe principal gave assent to my application.
14AdditionاضافہAslam is a good addition in our staff.
 EditionاشاعتThis is the fifth edition of this book.
 Auditionآرٹسٹ کی آزمائشی کارکردگیHis audition for the role of Othello went well.
15Amiableقابل محبتHe is an amiable young man.
 AmicableدوستانہWe reached an amicable agreement.
16AppositeمناسبHe gave an apposite remark on her speech.
 OppositeمخالفHis house is located opposite to mine.
17ArtistفنکارShahid is a film artist.
 ArtisteموسیقارHe is a TV recording artiste.
18AscendچڑھناThe road ascended the hill slowly.
 DescendاترناHe descended the hill slowly.
19Audibleسننے کے قابلHis voice is audible.
 Edibleکھانے کے قابلI saw many edible plants in the forest.
20Aughtکوئی چیزDo you have aught to eat?
 OughtچاھیےWe ought to respect our teachers.
21Auralسننے سے متعلق،سمعیThe use of tape in the class is an aural teaching aid.
 OralزبانیHe has passed written as well as oral test.
22AvocationمشغلہStamp collecting is his avocation.
 Evocation(یاد) کوتازہ کرنے کا عملEvocation of old memories is always painful.
23BaleگانٹھHe sold a bale of cotton yesterday.
 BailضمانتHe was released on bail.
24BalletرقصShe is a ballet dancer.
 BallotووٹWe should bring change through ballot.
25Bareننگا،برہنہHis head is bare.
 BearریچھHe saw a bear in the zoo.
 BeerشرابHe drinks beer.
26Beachساحل سمندرThey were walking on the beach.
 Beechدرخت کی قسمThere are many beech trees in our garden.
27BeatمارناHe beat my brother yesterday.
 BeetچقندرBeets are used for making sugar.
28Besideکے قریبWe sat beside him.
 Besidesمزید،کے علاوہBesides this, I have two other balls.
29BirthپیدائشShe is French by birth.
 BerthسیٹHe got a berth reserved for him.
30BoneہڈیHis collar bone broke in an accident.
 BoonنعمتThis school proved to be a boon for the villagers.
31BornپیداہواHe was born in Multan.
 Borneبرداشت کیںHe has borne the pain with great courage.
32BreakتوڑناHe broke his pen yesterday.
 BrakeبریکThe brakes of his car are faulty.
33BridleلگامHe bridled his horse.
 Bridalدلہن کا،عروسیShe is wearing her bridal dress.
34Byکے ذریعےHe reached Lahore by air.
 Byeخدا حافظI said good bye to my friend.
 BuyخریدناHe buys everything that he likes.
35BaronنوابHe is a baron by birth.
 BarrenبنجرBarren lands produce nothing.
36BoarسورHe killed a wild boar in the forest.
 BoreبیزارI hope, I am not boring you.
37BowجھکناWe must bow our heads before ALLAH.
 BoughشاخI cut a large bough of a tree.
38BreathسانسShe went out for a breath.
 Breatheسانس لیناIt si hard to breathe in the polluted air.
 BreadthچوڑائیThe box is 4 feet in breadth.
39CanonاصولI follow the canons of morality.
 CannonتوپCannon is a deadly weapon.
40Canvasموٹا کپڑاI like canvas clothes.
 Canvassووٹ مانگناWould you canvass for me?
41Castڈالنا، پھینکناHe has cast his vote in my favour.
 CasteذاتHe is Sayyed by caste.
 Costقیمت،لاگتThis pen costs fifty rupees.
42CellخلیہThe cells of this jail are ill smelling.
 SellبیچناHe sells ice cream.
43CemetryقبرستانHe was buried in the cemetry.
 SymmetryتناسبYour drawing has no symmetry.
44Citeحوالہ دیناHe cited some examples from history.
 SiteجگہThis is a good site for a school.
45Comaطویل بیہوشیShe went into coma at her mother’s death.
 CommaکوماComma is used to break the sentences into clauses.
46Complementمکمل کرنے والاMan and woman complement each other.
 ComplimentتعریفHe paid me a compliment on my success.
47Corpsکور،فوجی دستہHe joined a medical corps.
 CorpseلاشThey buried a corpse in the graveyard.
48CouncilکونسلWe discussed the matter in the council.
 CounselمشورہYou need a good counsel.
49CourseنصابThe course of english is very lengthy.
 CoarseکھردراI do not like coarse clothes.
50CueاشارہHe got the cue of the instructor and played well.
 QueueقطارPeople stood in a long queue to get flour.
51CalendarکیلنڈرI saw my date of birth on the calendar.
 Calenderکاغز یا کپڑا کو ہموار کرنے کی مشینHe bought a calender machine from the market.
52Casualغیر سنجیدہNaeem had a casual attitude to life.
 Causalسبب،علتیThere is a causal link between unemployment and crime.
53CattleمویشیHe grazes cattle in the fields.
 KettleدیگچیThe kettle is boiling.
54Ceilingاندرونی چھتThey have white washed the ceiling.
 Sealingمہر لگاناHe is sealing the letter.
55Censorفلم یا کتاب کا جائزہ لیناThis film has been censored by the board.
 Censureتنقید کرناHe did not like the censure on his poetry.
56CessionعلیحدگیI have to bear the cession among parents.
 SessionاجلاسThe session will start at 8pm.
57Checkپڑتال کرناThe teacher checked our essays.
 ChequeچیکShe gave me a cheque for fifty thousand rupees.
58Cellarتہہ خانہI hid in the cellar during the storm.
 Sellerفروخت کنندہThe seller demanded 8 lac rupees for house.
59Cordڈوری،رسیHe used cord to tie the bundle.
 Chordاحساس،جزبہHis story created a chord of pity in the listeners.
60ClockگھڑیالI heard the clock strike five.
 CloakچغہHe wore a cloak over his clothes.
61Clothان سلا کپڑاClean the window with a soft cloth.
 Clotheکپڑے پہناناShe was wearing fantastic clothes.
62Commandحکم دیناHe commanded the army to attack.
 Commendتعریف کرناHe commended Saleem on wrinting such a good book.
63Confidentپر اعتمادShe was confident during her interview.
 Confidantمحرم رازHe is my confidant.
64CorporalجسمانیCorporal punishment is banned in the schools.
 CorporealمادیFood is our corporeal need.
65Ceaseروکنا،بند کرناCan you cease this foolish talk?
 SeizeپکڑناSeize the gun firmly.
66Dairyڈیری فارمThere is a dairy farm in our city.
 DiaryڈایریI like to write diary.
67DearپیاراHe is very dear to me.
 DeerہرنDeer is very beautiful animal.
68Dewشبنم کے قطرےThe dew drops falling on the leaves.
 Dueواجب الادا۔کی وجہ سےHe did not go to college due to illness.
69Deviceآلہ۔تدبیرIt is a good device to promote education.
 Deviseتدبیر سوچناHe has devised a paln for promotion.
70DieمرناHis father died two years ago.
 DyeرنگناHe dyed my shirt.
71DozeاونگھناHe is dozing in the class.
 Doseدوائی کی خوراکHe takes a dose of medicine daily.
72DraughtگھونٹShe took a draught of cool water.
 Droughtخشک سالیWe  spent two years of drought.
73DualدوہریHe has dual nationality.
 Duelدو آدمیوں کی لڑائیThe two men fought a duel to win her love.
74DamڈیمPakistan shoild build some new dams.
 DameلڑکیRabia is a beautiful dame.
75Deferenceعزت۔احترامAslam treates his guests with deference.
 DifferenceفرقThere is no difference between day and night for a blind.
76Diseasedبیمار زدہHis father is a diseased old man.
 DeceasedمرحومThere is written deceased with my father’s name.
77Decentعمدہ۔ نفیسHe is looking a decent boy.
 DescentچڑھائیThe descent from the hill is not easy.
78EconomicsاکنامکسHe teaches economics in ths college.
 EconomicمعاشیThe economic position of Pakistan is not strong.
79Elderبڑا(خونی رشتے میں)He is my elder brother.
 Olderبڑا۔ پراناAslam is older than Akram.
80EligibleاہلHe is eligible to join this college.
 Illegibleبد خطYour hand writing is illegible.
81EminentمشہورJunaid Jamshed was an eminent singer.
 ImminentمتوقعAn increase in the petrol prices is imminent.
82EnvelopلپیٹناHe has enveloped the gift in a beautiful packing.
 EnvelopeلفافہPut the letter in the envelope.
83Expansiveوسیع۔ کشادہThis house is very expansive.
 ExpensiveمہنگاI have bought an expensive watch for her.
84Ediblesکھانے پینے کی اشیاءI have bought some edibles from the market.
 Edibleکھانے کے قابلEdible oil has become dearer.
 Audibleجو سنا جا سکےYour voice is not audible.
85EmpireسلطنتThe British empire has lost its glory.
 UmpireامپائیرHe acted as an umpire in the cricket match.
86EssayمضمونI won a medal in essay writing compitition.
 Assayجانچنا۔ پرکھناAssay this piece of gold to check its quality.
87Ensureیقین دلاناThis book ensures success.
 Insureبیمہ کراناI have insured this house.
88ExpandپھیلاناHe is trying to expand his business.
 Expendخرچ کرناHe has expended all his efforts to get success in the examination.
89FacilityسہولتThis company gives medical facility to its employes.
 FelicityخوشیThe success of my child is a great felicity for me.
90Fain Aslam would fain come to help me.
 Feignبہانہ کرناHe feigned madness.
91FartherدورWe should not go farther this way at night.
 FurtherمزیدHe further said that he would help me.
92Fianceمنگیتر(ؒرکا)Se does not love her fiance.
 Fianceeمنگیتر( لڑکی)He does not love his fiancee.
93FondشوقینI am very fond of teaching.
 FoundپاناI found my lost pen.
94FleeبھاگناHe fled away when he saw the police.
 FleaپسوThis dog has got fleas.
95Forwardآگے بڑھناHe came forward to welcome the principal.
 Foreword The foreword of this book is written by Ahmad.
96ForeپچھلاThe fore part of this car is not beautiful.
 FourچارI have four brothers.
97FuneralجنازہI have attended the funeral of his father.
 FunerealغمگینHe sang a funereal song on his father’s death.
98FairمیلہWe went to see the fair.
 FareکرایہWhat is bus fare from Multan to Queta?
99FlewاڑناHe flew from Karachi to Multan.
 Fluنزلہ۔ زکامI have got flu.
100FarmفارمI have filled my farm for admission.
 FormکھیتHe works on a form.
101FeetپائوںI have two feet.
 FeatکرتبThe juggler showed many feats.
102FloorفرشHe is sitting on the floor.
 FlourآٹاThey are selling flour at high price.
103Foulخراب۔ غلطHe always plays foul.
 FowlپرندہHe has kept many fowls in his farm.
104GaolجیلHe is a notorious gaol bird.
 GoalمقصدWe should work hard to reach our goal.
107GateگیٹHe opened the gate of his house.
 GaitچالHe has an unbalanced gait.
108Gambolاچھلنا کودناThe children were gamboling in the park.
 Gambleشرط لگاناHe gambles on every thing.
109GentleشریفAhmad is a gentle boy.
 GenteelشائیستہHis manners are perfect genteel.
110Ghostlyبھوت سیI saw a ghostly figure in the dark and frightened.
 GhastlyخوفناکI saw a ghastly accident on the road.
111GiltچمکدارI bought a gilt picture frame.
 GuiltجرمHe refused to admit his guilt.
112GlassگلاسHe has broken the glass.
 GlossچمکThe gloss of this mirror has become dull.
113GreatعظیمAllama Iqbal was a great poet.
 GrateآتشدانHe was sitting beside the grate.
114HavenپناگاہMy home is my haven.
 HeavenجنتHeaven lies under the feet of mother.
115HerdریوڑThere was a herd of sheep in the field.
 HeardسنناI heard him sing.
116Hoardذخیرہ اندوزی کرناHe is hoarding wheat all the time.
 HordeلشکرHorde of people were in the field.
117Haleصحت مندHe is quite hale and hearty.
 Hailاولے پڑناIt is hailing outside.
118Healزخم بھرناHis wound healed soon.
 HeelایڑیI have a pain in my heel.
119Hewکاٹنا/تراشناHe is hewing down a tree.
 HueرنگThe flowers of different hues are very beautiful.
120HigherاعلیHe has gone abroad for higher education.
 Hireکرایہ پر لیناWe hired a taxi to reach the college.
121HoleسوراخThere is a hole in my heel.
 WholeتمامThe whole nation is with the leader.
122Hopeامید رکھناWe hope to pass the examination.
 Hopاچھلنا/کودناHe was hopping and jumping.
123HumanانسانیThe story appeals to human interest.
 HumaneہمدردShe has a humane heart.
124IdleنکماHe is an idle man.
 IdoIبتIslam forbids idol worship.
125ImmortalلافانیThe soul is immortal.
 Immoralغیر اخلاقیIt is immoral to abuse.
126IndustriousمحنتیHamid is an industrious boy.
 IndustrialصنعتیLahore is an industrial city.
127Impassableناقابل گررThe river in flood was impassable.
 Impossibleنا ممکنTo win the prize without effort is impossible.
128JudicialعدالتیOur judicial system is very good.
 JudiciousعقلمندانہHe made a judicious decision.
129Junctureکڑا وقتWe should not leave our friend alone in juncture.
 Junctionملاپ کی جگہHe got a train at Kot Addu junction.
130KnottyمشکلIt is knotty problem.
 NaughtyشرارتیRayyan is a naughty boy.
131Laterبعد میںI reached there later than the expected time.
 Latterثانی الزکر/پچھلاAkram and Aslam are friends. The latter is my class fellow
 LetterخطHe wrote a letter to me.
132LeekلہسنLeek taste like an onion
 LeakرسناThe water tank is leaking.
133LessonسبقHe learns his lesson daily.
 Lessenکم کرناThe noise lessened as they went away.
134LiarجھوٹاHe is a liar.
 LawyerوکیلHis father is a lawyer.
135LionشیرHe is as brave as a lion.
 LoinکمرI have a pain in my loin.
136LoathنارضامندI am a loath to sell my car.
 Loatheنفرت کرناThey loathe smoking.
137LoseکھوناDon’t lose these tickets.
 LooseڈھیلاShe pulled the loose button of my shirt.
 LossنقصانI had to face a huge loss in business.
138MaleنرThe post is only for male candidate.
 MailڈاکI got a mail yesterday.
139Marryشادی کرناHe has got married.
 MerryخوشEat, drink and be merry.
140Maneگردن کے بالThe horse rub his mane against his body.
 MainبڑاThis is the main street.
141MareگھوڑیI saw a mare in the field.
 MereمحضHe failed by mere two marks.
142MeatگوشتHe bought meat from the market.
 MeetملناI meet my friend daily in the college.
143Mettleجرات/حوصلہHe proved his mettle in the battle field.
 MetalدھاتGold is a precious metal.
144Meddleمداخلت کرناWe should not meddle with the affairs of others.
 MedalتمغہHo got a gold medal in studies.
145Minerکان کنHe is a coal miner.
 MinorمعمولیHis role was minor in the play.
146Meanنا مہربانHe is very mean boy.
 Mienشکل کا اندار،وضعFrom his mien I guessed he was a soldier.
147MessageپیغامI received a message from you yesterday.
 MassageمساجI got a massage that he would be late.
148MoralاخلاقیPeople believe in the moral system.
 Moraleہمت/جراتOur team had a high morale in the match.
149OarچپوWe pulled hard on the oars.
 Oreکچ دھاتIron ore has been found in Pakistan.
150OrdinanceقانونAn ordinance prohibits smoking at public places.
 Ordnanceاسلحہ ساز/توپWe have an ordnance factory in Wah Cantt.
151PatتھپکیI gave the little boy a pat on his head.
 Petپالتو جانورThe boy was bitten by his pet dog.
152Patrolگشت کرناThe police is patrolling in the street.
 PetrolپٹرولThe prices of petrol have increased.
153PatronسرپرستSaleem is a patron of this college.
 PatternنمونہThe question paper would be in a new pattern.
154PersonalذاتیDo not interfere in my personal affairs.
 PersonnelملازمAslam is my obedient personnel.
155PondتالابI saw a beautiful fish in the pond.
 PoundپونڈMy weight is eighty pounds.
156PracticeمشقPractice makes a man perfect.
 Practiseمشق کرناHe practices the karate daily.
157Precedeپہلے آناAn English, the subject precedes the verb.
 Procedeآگے بڑھناWork is proceeding according to a plan.
158Prophecyپیشن گوئThe poem contains a bleak prophecy of war.
 Prophesyپیشن گوئ کرناShe prophesied that he would win the race.
159ProfitمنافعHe earned a lot of profit in the business.
 ProphetپیغیمبرHazrat Muhammad (SAW) is the last prophet of Allah.
160PaleزردShe turned pale with horror.
 PailبالٹیHe bought a pail from the bazar.
161PaneشیشہThe light was streaming through the window pane.
 PainدردI have a pain in my neck.
162PareتراشناWe should pare our nails regularly.
 PairجوڑاI bought a pair of shoes from the bazar.
163PeaceامنWe should try to live in a peace.
 PieceٹکڑاHe ate a piece of cake.
164PealبجناA peal of bells rang out.
 PeelچھیلناHe peels an orange.
165PoreمسامOur skin has many pores.
 PourانڈیلناPour away the dirty water.
166PopularمشہورHe is a popular singer.
 Populousگنجان آبادKarachi is a populous city.
167Prayدعا کرناHe prays always for my success.
 PreyشکارThe eagle is a bird of prey.
168PrincipleاصولHe is a man of principle.
 Principalسربراہ ادارہHe is an honest principal of this college.
169Planeہوائ جہازI saw a plane in the air.
 PlainسادہHe likes a plain food.
 PlanمنصونہWe should act on your plan.
170QuietخاموشBe quiet! I am telephoning.
 QuiteبلکلI am quite ready to go.
171RainبارشIt is raining outside.
 Reignعہد/حکومتPeople were very happy in his reign.
172Razeتباہ کرناThe army has razed the illegal buildings.
 Raiseکاشت کرناThe farmer is raising rice.
173RightدرستI am right in his claim.
 RiteرسمSome people do not believe in burial rites.
174RingانگوٹھیHe bought a beautiful for his daughter.
 WringنچوڑناShe wrings the clothes.
175RoleکردارEvery person has a role to play in the society.
 RollحاضریMy roll number is 28.
176RoomکمرہShe was sitting in her drawing room.
 Roamمٹر گشت کرناShe was roaming on the road.
177RootجڑThe root of this plant is long.
 RoutشکستWe put the enemy to route.
 RouteراستہThis route is very long.
178Seemدکھائ دیناIt seems that he would not marry Saima.
 SeamبخیےMy old coat is falling apart at the seams۔
179SentبھیجناWe sent him a letter yesterday.
 ScentخوشبوModern roses have no scent.
180SheerمحضHis success was due to sheer hard work.
 Shearکترنا/مونڈناThe farmer taught her how to shear sheep.
181SoleواحدThe sole cause of accident was rash driving.
 SoulروحMay her soul rest in peace.
182SootدھواںShe swept the soot out of the room.
 SuitلباسShe looks beautiful in new dress.
 Suiteدو کمروں کا سیٹThey got a suite reserved for them in a hotel.
183SomeکچھSome students were playing in a ground
 SumرقمHe was fined the sum of 200/-
184SpaciousکشادہOur hose is very spacious.
 Speciousنظاہر درست مگر دراصل غلطHis arguments are specious.
185SweetمیٹھاThe cake is very sweet.
 SweatپسینہHe won the price with the sweat of his bro
186Saleفروخت کرناThis house is for sale.
 Sailبحری سفرThe will set sail by tomorrow morning.
187SeenدیکھناHe was seen plucking the flowers
 SceneمنظرI like beautiful scene of nature
188Soreتکلیف دہThat story was so sour
 SourکھٹاThe grapes are sour.
189StareگھورناDo not stare at me.
 StairسیڑھیI saw her on the stairs.
190SteelلوہاThis pan is made of steel.
 StealچراناShe was stealing his pen.
200StoryکہانیThere is no truth in this story.
 StoreyمنزلThis building has seven storeys.
201StraightسیدھاT6his street is straight.
 Straitتنگ گزر گاہThey were passing through the strait street.
202StationaryساکنIt is easy to aim at a stationary target.
 Stationeryکاغذ،قلم،کاپیاںI bought stationery from the shop.
203TaleکہانیI like fairy tails
 TailدمThe dog wags its tail before its master.
204Teemبھرا ہواThe pond is teeming with the fish.
 TeamٹیمOur cricket team is very strong.
205TideلہرTime and tide wait for none
 TiedباندھناHe tied a cow to a tree
206Tamperناجائز تبدیلیاں کرناDo not tamper with electric items.
 TemperمزاجHe is a man of bad temper.
207Tenorراستہ/اندازThe tenor of life never goes straight.
 TenureمدتThe tenure of his service has come to an end.
208Tireتھکا ہواI am very tired.
 TyreٹائرI bought a new tyre of my car.
209ToreپھاڑاHe tore his clothes.
 Tourتفریحی دورہWe went to the recreational tour.
210UrbanشہریI like urban facilities.
 UrbaneشائستہI love her urbane smile
211VainمغرورAslam is very vain boy.
 VeinرگThere is blood in our veins.
212ValeوادیShe lives in a beautiful vale.
 VeilنقابShe is wearing a veil.
 VocationمشغلہTeaching is my vocation.
 VacationتعطیلاتWe will go to Swat during summer vacation.
213WaveلہراناThe flower were waving in the wind.
 Waiveختم کرناThe government had waived the rule.
214WayراستہHe met me on the way.
 Weighوزن کرناPlease weigh my luggage.
215WetگیلاHe bore wet clothes.
 Whetتیز کرناPlease whet the knife.
216WineشرابWine is unlawful in Islam.
 VineبیلShe has planted a vine.
217Wreckتباہ کرناHe has wrecked my business.
 Wreakنقصان پہنچاناThey wreaked havoc on the enemy.
218Wanderگھومنا پھرناHe is wandering in the street.
 WonderسوچناI am wondering what to do?
219WaistکمرThere is pain in my waist.
 Wasteضائع کرناDo not waste water.
220Waitانتظار کرناHe is waiting for the bus.
 WeightوزنWhat is your weight?
221WeekہفتہThere are seven days in a week.
 WeakکمزورHe is a weak boy.
222WeatherموسمWe like rainy weather.
 Whetherآیا کہShe asked me whether she should go there.
223Yokeبیلوں کی جوڑیThe farmer yoked the oxen to plough.
 Yolkانڈے کی زردیYolk is good food.
224Yarnدلچسپ کہانیHe told me an interesting yarn.
 Yearnخواہش کرناSometimes I just yearn to be alone.

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