Poems of Rhaly Lamour in English Language


Table of Contents:

1. What is poetry?

2. Assignment

3. School

4. Inspired: Getting ahead by Gary Solo

5. Pandemic

What is Poetry?

To me, poetry is a method for telling tales in a certain format using lines or stanzas. Poetry is a means of expressing your ideas, emotions, and views in a form that the reader can understand and find enjoyable. Poetry is therapeutic for individuals. I don’t have a lot of poetry experience. Although I have read and studied poetry, I have never previously taken the time to sit down and compose a poem. I shall thus be doing my first poetry assignment. Poetry is beneficial to others since it has the potential to inspire them or perhaps become their job. Poetry is awful because it is difficult for some people to grasp. The structure of the poem must be understood in order to completely appreciate it. the composition’s structures, components, and literary strategies to get a deeper understanding of poetry.

I believe that individuals compose poetry as a way to decompress and escape from everyday life used as a means of self-expression to convey your thoughts and feelings, or as a way to release your rage after a difficult day or an emotional incident, particularly in light of the present state of the world. Thus, poetry would be a fantastic medium for expressing your feelings. Poetry not only helps you view your writing in a new light and correct any flaws you find, but it also helps you gain confidence in your writing by helping you grasp language on a deeper level. Poetry is a useful instrument for documenting life’s most significant events as well as the sentiments and emotions that were there at the time.


The world is a crowded place

Noisy, chaotic and hectic

I become calm when the planet sleeps

So looking from his perspective

It makes life somewhat poetic

How peace and serenity only exist

When there is this chaos in my midst

A necessary paradox to feel alive

A needed contradiction to thrive

Something one has to see in order to feel free A feeling of peace can only be consistent

By realizing with disorder, it’s coexistent


Go to school everyday

Same repetition

Same students

Same kids

Same mood

Same teachers

Same school work

Same grades

Refuse to miss work

Or miss class

Working hard is instill In me

From my parents to teach us

To be the best versions of ourselves

To get the best job as an adult

To be successful,

And instill in your kids

But for all that to happen

Wake up in the morning

And go to school!!!!!

School is key to success

Inspired: Getting ahead by Gary Solo


What makes you reach the top?

Who is motivating you?

What motivates you to be successful?

It is your desire to win rewards

Recognition and approval

Being better than someone else

Your community

Why do we need to be motivated?

To reach our end goals?

To seek our fullest potential?

To help the next generation, inspire them

But to fulfilled all these task

It starts with you

Motivation starts with you to help yourself and others


As I watch tv, breaking News:

As of March 1, 2020

First case of covid-19 is in new York

Body shaking, heart racing

Wondering what Covid-19 is

People dying from Covid-19

Have close relatives dying,

It is that close to me,

Could it happen to me?

What could happen?

The whole country shut down

NBA puts its season on hold

Businesses shutting down,

The city is quiet,

I wonder to myself

Is this the new normal?

Quarantine happens

Feel helpless,

Stuck in the house,



Just praying for better days soon

Essay on Introspection Analysis of the Poems in the Chapbook:

The goal of this article is to examine the many components of the poems that are part of the chapbook. This is meant to be accomplished by examining the many or unique patterns that Rhaly uses in his poetry and the effects these have on society and the mind. How well these poems highlight contemporary events and how closely they connect to the agony that the entire world is currently experiencing. The themes in the poems are also meant to be examined from both the audience and author’s points of view. One author, Rhaly, is the author of every poem in the chapbook. Rhaly is a postmodern poet who has written both insightful poetry and literary analysis. In this sense, the ideas and a thorough analysis of the poetry are reflected in or represented by this article. Additionally, the style or how effectively things stick in the reader’s mind is crucial. The poet uses flowery language, incorporated elements, stories, techniques, and methodologies that are followed by ideologies beyond strategies as important components of his poetry that he instills in it to make it more captivating and stunning. Rhaly Lamour begins the chapbook with an introduction to the poetry, in which he defines or characterizes the poetry he thinks about, or that he reads, contemplates, and then writes poetry about. He discusses how poetry can be a tool for catharsis and for expressing topics that are on one’s mind. Additionally, he implies or says that poetry serves as therapy for a lot of people. It alludes to the notion that poetry or poetic language is intended to be utilized as a medication to treat stress or any other similar condition. To him, it’s also critical to comprehend the fundamental requirements, the fundamental language, and the basic structure of the poetry in order to comprehend or arrive at the meaning of the poem. On the other hand, it appears that he is implying that poetry is seen by many as a means of fleeing the mental condition that they are unable to endure. In this section of the book, his points of view are skillfully arranged and handled. The first poem in the chapbook, “Assignment,” is the first poem that Lamour has ever written. The poem takes a deeper approach to the language that the poet wanted or felt to use to make the poem and poetic structure more alluring and beautiful. It is richly embedded with words that explain the entire situation. For example, he describes the world as being extremely noisy, chaotic, and hectic in the first two stanzas. The selection of these words suggests that, for someone—but to whom—the world is an extremely unpleasant place. The next lines contain the answer. The one who loves tranquility is the one for whom the world is an extremely busy and noisy place. while he says, “I go to sleep when the planet sleeps,” he is satirizing. It’s common knowledge that the globe is a 24/7 entity. Later on in the poem, he talked of the calm and peace that were uncommon in a world full of contemporary things and materials. He states at the poem’s conclusion that turbulence and a sense of unpredictability are necessary for peace to exist or coexist. The chapbook’s next poem is “School,” written by Rhaly Lamour. From a reader’s or viewer’s point of view, this poem is actually quite lovely. The first sentence is something like “go to school every day.” The poem’s primary idea is contained in or held by this sentence. One may argue that this is the line that sums up the poem. The poet then discusses the challenges that students in schools confront on a daily basis. For example, the schedule doesn’t change, nor do the faces or the kids who are now enrolled in it. The professors and pupils inside the limits also don’t change, and occasionally the work doesn’t too. He then returns to the opening phrase. He suggests that he will now be talking about the excellence of the school when he says, “Refuse to miss work.” He makes reference to the laborious work that either he or the country conducts. I hear that as a country. He also talks about how his parents instilled in him the value of hard work and other academic pursuits in order for him to succeed. The following poem, which is included in Rhaly’s chapbook Inspired: Getting Ahead by Gary Solo, talks about motivation and how it functions in both society and the individual. He attributes the drive to excel or at least place at the top among many of the same people to being a motivator. He seems to be focusing on two key topics when he talks about them: approval and acknowledgment. The chapbook’s final poem discusses the Corona virus. That has been a major and influential factor for the past two years everywhere in the world. Rhaly discusses the instability brought about by the COVID 19 in this poem. And how it affected numerous nations—all of the nations in the world, actually. He then discusses his personal concerns over this pandemic and how he views it. Additionally, every single one of those poems conveys the meaning of peace; practically every single one of them highlights the peace that may be attained by examining the various topics covered in these poems.

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