Role of Technology and Innovation in SMEs

The role of technology and innovation in small and medium-sized businesses Information technology has a huge impact on all areas of life and the global economy is now changing significantly. Information technology has a real impact on most and all aspects of business, and work and business continue to change a lot. The use of this technology is changing business policy and leading to the transformation of businesses.
Modern business would not be possible without the help of information technology, which has a significant impact on the operations of
Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) and is said to be important for their survival. It is important that the entire economy grows.
SMEs are preferred in developed and developing countries as well as in transition countries. It is widely accepted that SMEs play an important role in supporting and developing the national economy in many countries, especially in Kosovo. Supports the development of SMEs and the role SMEs can play significant impact on the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which is said to be essential for the survival and growth of the entire economy.
SMEs are preferred in developed and developing countries as well as in transition countries. It is widely accepted that SMEs play an important role in supporting and developing the national economy in many countries, especially in Kosovo. Promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and give full play to the role of small and medium-sized enterprises in
creating employment
promoting economic and social growth. These items are explained and discussed while presenting further research and studies on the use of information technology in SMEs
Globalization and innovation have led to new changes in creative and non-economic countries. Innovation and entrepreneurship are prerequisites and essential elements for the development of the public sector towards the 21st century. Innovation-based businesses are the smartest for creative people because they can create jobs and get rich from business development and disappear at lower prices than non-new businesses. New innovations frequently emerge in R&D organizations. The initiative to create incubators to bring these new benefits to market has been welcomed by all development organisations. A comprehensive study was conducted on technology and the work of SMEs. This review identified the key drivers of SME innovation adoption and their impact on SMEs’ innovation participation, growth and share of the cookie. New developments in developing countries have led to the growth of plants.
Progress refers to new events or cycles or inventions that emerge as a result of experimentation and research. Efficiency and growth can be seen as two important methods of expanding the customer base. In today’s suspicious and unstable business environment, businesses need to know and take advantage of open doors to survive and compete effectively. The success of technology involves the integration of new ideas through change and the development of new cycles and activities, which play an important role in the evolution of finance. In non-industrialized countries, small and medium-sized enterprises are seen as the driving force behind development and economic development. This is because they work hard and are able to fill more than 1 billion jobs needed in the world today. The use of technology in restaurants helps maintain success by adding weight to the product. The motivation behind this study is to examine the role of technology advancement in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
New technology has had a huge impact on every aspect of life and the world economy and business have changed significantly. The organization is changing and becoming a “knowledge society”, there is dependence on new technologies and a new business or “knowledge economy” has emerged, where knowledge and information are important and important elements of production, a combination of ideas, methods. knowledge and information Business growth in the knowledge economy Copy. In the information society environment, businesses successfully create technological products and services and transform human, equipment and other financial resources into products and services that meet customer needs. To be successful in such a society, SMEs need a good message and must always deliver better results than their competitors in terms of quality, price and service (Pollard, 2006).
To achieve this goal, we use data from 204 Albanian companies selected in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development survey (BEEPS05). Test results showed that 73.2% of businesses received new support and only 18.6% changed their hierarchy. All the results of this article will help us better understand the important role of progress and innovation in business and even in the Albanian economy. Finally, the article offers interesting conclusions and recommendations for businesses, new business ideas and other private or public organizations in Albania. These are also useful for analysts in various financial fields.

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