Summary Essay “End of Term” by David Daiches

In this essay, the author describes his school life. School time is usually a difficult time for students.

The author also did not like school life. He did not like waking up early in the morning. Daily drudgery at school, lots of responsible work for home and fierce competition among students in exams, all this he did not like. Two days a week, Saturday and Sunday, were off from school. On Friday, after last period, he felt as if he had been released from prison.

For him, Friday night was the best night of the week because after two days .The holidays were fun and exciting for him, but Sunday night was full of dread for him because he had to go to school again the next morning.

Sometimes there were unexpected breaks in the school due to some crisis or event, the school was closed a couple of hours before the scheduled time. These unexpected holidays used to bring great joy to the students. When it was bitterly cold, they got leave to slide on the ice.

Thanks to the mid-term examination, he got one Monday off a year, which turned two weekly holidays into three holidays. But there was no comparison to the vacations on Christmas and Easter, but the most enjoyable vacations were the summer vacations that lasted for two months. Writer enjoyed their vacations.

As a child, the author had many wishes that could not be fulfilled, for example, he had a strong desire for a motorcycle, but he could not get it. His wish was fulfilled at the age of 21 when he bought a bicycle with the prize money. Sometimes the writer and his brother would stop by the ice cream seller. And they would stand there hoping that he might take pity and give them some ice cream for free. 

But it never happened. The writer had to put the pocket money he got into the money box and saved. So his childhood wishes were never fulfilled, but the wish for a summer vacation was a wish that was fulfilled every year.

Exercise Short Questions

Q.No.1 What was Daiches attitude towards the week end as a school boy? Why did he long for it?

Ans: Daiches was very happy at the end of the week. Friday had a special end-of-week flavor. Friday night was the best night of the week with two holidays. That’s why he longed for the weekend.

Q.No.2 What was Daiches’ general view of school life?

Ans: Daiches often enjoyed real classroom work. He was not a weak student but the daily work of school, heavy extra work, fierce competition among students and the feeling of not being relaxed always kept him mentally stressed.

Q.No.3 Daiches liked holidays for freedom-freedom from what?

Ans:  Daiches liked holidays because it gave him freedom from the boring school work. He did not like the daily work of school. However, too much extra work, intense competition and a feeling of not being relaxed kept him mentally stressed. So he felt free during the holidays.

Q.No.4  How did Daiches spend his summer holidays?

Ans:  Summer vacation was a long period of joy for Daiches. He was very happy with the arrival of summer vacation.  Summer vacation seemed to be a period for happiness. These holidays used to be legendary days for him. The writer used to spend summer vacations in his village.

Q.No.5 “Wishes don’t come true in this life”, writes Daiches. What are the things he longed for but couldn’t have?

Ans:  The author wanted a three-wheeled bicycle and later bought a two-wheeled bicycle when he turned twenty one. He would often stand outside a sweet shop to spend a coin or two. The author used to stand near the ice cream seller’s cart wishing for free ice cream but he could not get it.

Q.No.6   What did Daiches do with his pocket money?

Ans:  Daiches  was not allowed to spend his  pocket money as he wished. So he kept saving this money by putting it in a money box.

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