Summary of “The Dying Sun” by Sir James Jeans


This essay is written about the creation of the earth and the appearance of life on it.

The hypothesis presented in this article is just a hypothesis, there is no solid scientific fact. Sir James Janes says that this universe is more vast than we can imagine. It has countless stars moving in their own orbits. Some of these stars are so big that millions of our earths can fit in them. These stars never deviate from their orbits. If they deviate from their orbits, there will be a great disaster.

 According to the author, a similar accident happened millions of years ago, when a star orbiting near the Sun came, its attraction was so great that a wave of matter on the Sun rose to an unimaginable level. As this star moved closer to the sun, this gas wave became bigger and bigger, then this star started to move away from the sun. But due to the attraction of the sun, it could not go far and began to move around the sun in its own orbit. These fragments are called the planets of the sun. Our earth is one of them. Initially, these planets were very hot, but with the passage of time, they lost their heat in the extreme cold of space and became completely cold.

 Now these planets get all their heat from the sun, but this assumption seems far from reality. Many questions arise which the author does not have the answer for. Instead of falling into space, why don’t the fragments become part of the star due to its gravity? Had the star’s gravity been limited to tearing apart the Sun’s matter, it would have been more difficult to separate matter from the Sun than if the star had sheltered these pieces in its lap. Moreover, the author does not have any answer as to why life came into being on earth. He says that life originated from a microbe that evolved over time into the present form of life.

According to the author, the creation of earth and life was merely an accident, and his idea diminishes the importance of both earth and life, but his hypothesis has no practical significance. Alhamdulillah, we are Muslims and we believe that this universe was created by Allah Almighty on earth and on earth, this earth will last until the Day of Judgment and humans will live on it. The Day of Judgment will destroy every soul. In short, the command of Allah, death will also come to the kingdom of death, after that Allah Almighty will resurrect all human beings by His command and then they will be rewarded and punished. Give guidance and make it heavenly, Amen

Important Short Questions

Q.No.1 How is it that a star seldom finds another star near it?

Ans:  The universe is so vast. Countless stars orbit in space. They travel alone.  The distances between them are really huge.  So,  there is no chance of one star coming close to another star.

Q.No.2 What happened when, according to Sir James Jeans, a wandering star, wandering through space, came near the sun?

Q.No.3 What happened when the wandering star came nearer and nearer?

Q.No.4 What are planets and how did they come into existance?

Ans: Q(2,3,4) A star came close to the Sun and it created a large wave on the surface of the Sun. That star began to recede and the wave broke into pieces. These pieces began to revolve around the sun. Our earth is also one of these pieces.

Q.No.5 Why is there no life on the stars?

Ans:  Stars are either too hot for life to melt on them or too cold for life to freeze on them, so life on stars is not possible.

Q.No.6 Write a note on the beginning of life on Earth?

Ans: No one knows how, when and why life came into existence. Sir James Janes says that somehow a lowly microbe came into existence, then it grew into a special form, and finally it gave rise to man, on the earth.

Q.No.7 Why is the universe, of which our earth is a part, so frightening?Give as many reasons as you can.

Ans: The universe is frightening  to us because of the vast distances that we do not understand, long stretches of time, our littleness and our loneliness.

Q.No.8 What, in your opinion, should be the conditionsnecessary,for the kinf of life we know, to exist on other heavenly bodies? Do such conditions generally exist?

Ans: A few favorable conditions are necessary for life to exist, the most important of which is moderate temperature. The air and water also important for life. Such conditions cannot be found anywhere else except on earth.

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