Summary of the Poem “A Sindhi Woman” by Jan Stallworthy

In this poem, the poet sees a Sindhi woman passing through the market and writes a poem on her.

The poet says that Sindhi women are very hardworking  and believe in the greatness of hard work and thus face all the problems and difficulties that life brings and remain active,  agile and healthy. The poet is trying to say that Sindhi women have an amazing ability to face challenges.

This poem consists of six stanzas and each stanza has six lines. A stanza of six lines is called a sestet.

In the first stanza, the poet says that a woman walks through the bazaar waveriing with bare feet. And the cloth on his face is blowing in the wind. She is walking slowly with a stone jar on her head. And in her step there is no hesitation in her gait. The poet says that when she walks there is no unsteadiness in her steps and she is holding a jar on her head due to which she walks with perfect fluidity.

In the second stanza, the poet asks to see the bazaar she is passing through the slums of Karachi, where stones, garbage, human and animal excrement, and broken glass are strewn. The poet says that I think with my bent back that those  people who stand perfectly straight stand with confidence and learn to walk under weight are work hard and active.

Critical Appreciation

In this poem, the poet says that there are many problems in a person’s life, he has to face many difficulties and sufferings, but still he has courage, courage and persistence to reach his destination for the sake of his goal. The poet observes a Sindhi woman and tells about her that she faces many difficulties in her life but with persistence and courage she moves towards her goal to succeed in life.

Man has to face many difficulties and he has to face these difficulties with courage and bravely to solve these problems under his help. When the poet observes that she is going barefoot in the bazaar, there are two examples either she is poor and has no shoes or she is brave enough to walk through the bazaar barefoot. And no matter how many heaps of garbage, stones and broken glass are thrown in her path, she does not tolerate any faltering in her gait and flows towards her goal with fluidity.

The main purpose of the poet is to observe that whenever a person does something, if he is consistent in it. He will have courage and determination, then he will do the work easily and he will not need anyone’s help. No matter how many problems a woman faces in life, if she is a brave woman, if she is a persistent woman, if she is a courageous woman, she can face all the problems no matter how much she has to pay for it. And this is the characteristic of a woman that she faces her problems in a brave way. If she wants to solve the problem, she has to act with courage and bravery in life

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