“Using the Scientific Method” by Darrel Bernard & Lon Edward


In this essay, the author has talked about the scientific method.

Science has solved many of our problems. It has revolutionized every aspect of life. Science has shown wonders in the field of health. Science has also helped us a lot in the prevention of diseases. In the past, children used to suffer from many infectious diseases as soon as they were born and died before reaching the age of one year.

They used to fall and thousands of people died. Life was very uncertain. Now science has overcome these diseases. The average age of the human is seventy  years. In the olden days, the houses were narrow and dark. The streets were rough and uneven. There was no sewage system. They used to throw garbage  in the streets.

Now, thanks to science, streets and canals are paved. Cities have sewage systems. Now people know that dirt causes many diseases. Hundred  years ago, water was not easily available for people to drink and bathe. Water used to be brought from far away places and was used rarely. Science has also solved this problem. Now fresh and clean water is available in abundance.

The scientific method has also solved the problem of food shortage. Now thanks to science, we use different types of food throughout the year.  Man has become familiar with modern methods of preserving food.  Now man keeps food in boxes. By sealing and drying milk, eggs and fruits are preserved.

Science has ignited the thinking of man. Modern people have got rid of superstition and unnecessary fear. They now judge situations and events on the scale of reason. In ancient times, people were superstitious.  They used to wear amulets to ward off disease and trouble.  But, today’s people do not believe in these things.  They know that every incident has a reason or other. People are not afraid of the number 13, now people have changed their outdated ideas.  They have now become open-hearted and open-minded.

Important Short Questions

Q.No.1 How has the scientific method helped us in our fight against disease?

Ans:  Science has helped us in our fight against disease. Today babies are born in hospitals. They are vaccinated against diseases. People eat fresh food and drink clean water and keep their environment clean. All these things have become possible only because of scientific method.

Q.No.2 Write a note on the better sanitary conditions available in our cities today and compare them with what they were like a hundred year ago?

Ans: Today, the streets of our cities are paved. Dirty water flows in sealed pipes. People live in a clean environment. While hundred years ago, the streets were narrow and dirty, and where the drainage was ineffective.  Garbage was thrown in the streets. Outdoor toilets were common.

Q.No.3 What are the sanitary conditions like in our villages today and would you improve them?

Ans: Sanitation conditions in our villages are still not good. Dirty water flows in open drains. Streets are narrow and dirty. We should establish sanitation department to improve sanitation in our villages.

Q.No.4 How has the scientific method helped us in the production and preservation of foods?

Ans: Science has helped us a lot in the production and preservation of food. To preserve food, we freeze it, dehydrate it, grade it, dry it, and store it in cans.

Q.No.5 We are now generally less fearful than our ancestors. What were our ancestors afraid of?

Ans:  Our ancestors were supersitioud. Our ancestors were afraid of  black cats, broken mirrors  and the number 13. Now we know that everything happens for a reason, so we are less afraid than our ancestors.

Q.No.6 How has the scientific method enabled us to get over the old fears?

Ans: The scientific method has changed our thinking. We know that there is a solid reason behind every event. We only accept things that are based on facts.

Q.No.7 What part did astrology play in the lives of men and women in the past?Give examples.

Ans: Astrology is the knowledge of stars. In the past, people believed that stars influence their lives. Astrologers used to predict upcoming events, thus astrology played an important role in people’s lives.

Q.No.8 Describe  some of the superstitions still current in our country. How do they affect the lives of those who believe in them?

Ans: There are people in the society who do not start their journey on certain days and cancel their journey if a cat cuts their way. Such superstitions still exist in our society.

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