Summary “China’s Way to Progress” by Galeazzo Santini

This essay  talks about the development of China.

We are introduced to the social and economic system of China. It is the third largest country in the world in terms of area. A quarter of the world’s population lives in this country.  For a long time, the Western world ignored China, but now the West has changed its attitude.

Although China became independent in 1949, but now the Chinese people have solved the problems such as food shortage, unemployment, economic instability and urban population growth. Chinese people are very hardworking and simple people. They do not love wealth. Sexual immorality is not seen in China. Community development and helping each other is their life goal.

The economic system of China is completely different from the economic system of the West. The growth of the gross national product is the perspective of the Western economic system, but the Chinese people also take care of many other cultural requirements in addition to the gross product. They give priority to man over the machine and national Prioritize self-interest over self-interest Provinces do not depend on the center for economic development .

The whole country is divided into many communes. Each agricultural commune is self-sufficient. Thus all provinces are self-sufficient in terms of resources. Cities and villages of China are equally on the path of development.

People living in villages either work in fields or are employed in small local industries. People living in villages do not move to cities. China maintains a balance between human labor and the use of machines. Most of them use machines made in their own country. In China, workers have all kinds of protection. They work eight hours a day. They are paid enough to meet their basic needs. Houses are provided at agricultural communes and accommodation is free for them.

Free medical facilities are available to laborers and cultivators, but their families have to pay half of the costs. If a worker falls ill, he is paid full salary for six months, after which he is paid only 60% of the salary. If a worker becomes disabled or unable to meet his or her needs, the company directly supports him or her.

In China, men retire at the age of 60 and women at the age of 50. After retirement, they are also given a pension. Every factory has a cafeteria where workers are given three meals a day.

Chinese women get 56 days of maternity leave, during which they are paid full salary. Their factory takes responsibility for the care and education of their children. Chinese people work six days out of seven. People who work away from home get two weeks of vacation a year. May 1st and October 1st are Chinese national holidays.

Women in China have social facilities that women in the West do not have.Chinese women are seen as lacking in femininity by Western standards.They do not wear make-up. People are not just a group of individuals, but they are a nation, an honorable and noble nation of the world.

Exercise Short Questions

Q.No.1 Why has the world changed its attitude towards China?

Ans:  At first, the world thought of China as a country that has no importance. But then the Chinese made great progress in every field of life. They made their country’s social and economic system an exemplary success. Moreover, China is the third largest country in the world. A quarter of the world’s population lives here.  All these things have encouraged the world to change its attitude towards China.

Q.No.2 Describe the Chinese agriculture system?

Ans:  Agricultural production in China is increasing to the system of  communism. Agricultural communism is further divided into production brigades and teams. The Chinese still carry on with their traditional labor, but agricultural machinery is also slowly being used with caution.

Q.No.3 How does Chins rely on its own resources?

Ans:  Chinese follow the maxim of Mao “rely on their own resources” and use locally made machines that are readily available. These machines are cheaper than foreign machines. Moreover, these machines can give faster and better results.

Q.No.4  Describe a day in the life of the Chinese student?

Ans:  Ji Win Sew represents the female students in China. She wakes up at six in the morning, does some housework, has breakfast, and goes to school at eight. She works there until 11, then returns home for lunch. She reaches school again at 1.30. She works there until 3. Then she comes back home and studies for about an hour. She rests after four, reads the newspaper and listens to the radio.

Q.No.5 Write a note on Chinese women?

Ans:  From the western point of view, Chinese women lack femininity. They do not use beauty products. Chinese women have no social benefits. They work eight hours a day. They have free hospital facilities. They have 56 days paid holidays before maternity leave. She does not pay any maternity charges.

Q.No.6 What are the social security benefits provided to the Chinese workers?

Ans:  Accommodation in agricultural communes is free, all medical facilities are free, while their family members pay only 50% of the fixed price. They don’t pay anything to work in cinema theaters. A sick worker gets full pay for six months. After which,  he takes 60 percent of that pay. Working women are given 56 days of maternity leave with pay.

Q.No.7 “ It is people and not the things that are decisive”. Discuss

Ans:  The phrase that “it is the people and not the goods that are decisive” contradicts the modern notion that a large populous state is a burden. If the people unite and  become a force on behalf of every Chinese. One dollar in aid is estimated to be worth $800 million. A day of free work by every Chinese means the country gets two million extra workers for free for a year.

Q.No.8 “ The heart of the matter is the need to root out selfishness” Discuss

Ans:    Thomas Hobbes wrote in his book ‘Leviathan’ that the human condition is one of war against each other. The Chinese have proved it wrong. They are working for the common good. They have become united.

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