Low Motivation and Job Satisfaction


The main problems that employees have are a lack of creativity and dissatisfaction with their jobs. The representative lacks a comfortable workspace and is faced with several self-inflicted sources of poor inspiration. Both the employee’s behavior and the workplace atmosphere need to improve. The employee must improve and solidify his position within the company. It is necessary to find a source of rational inspiration and mental fulfillment in the task if one hopes to work for a longer amount of time throughout their career. The corporation ought to provide the greatest feasible balance and check on the representative. The representative’s bookings need to be handled in a monitored and guided way so that the positive climate will work.


In order to maintain the representative’s decency at work, this report is intended to address the difficulties and their solutions. In an effort to reduce the representative’s anxiety and internal burden, this report identifies probable roadblocks and their solutions. This report’s handling of this topic captures the sensations of mental dissatisfaction and the terror of persuasive disfavor. Inspiration is a mental factor that motivates someone to work toward their ideal goal. Efforts to create a motivated and contented workforce are crucial in the ongoing events in order to increase profitability. In this analysis, motivation and job satisfaction are seen as important factors that influence hierarchical success. Previously, each scientist has described the relationship’s degree and variables. The motivation of work fulfills effectiveness. The results from the officeholder’s comparison of actual performance with those that are desired, anticipated, or deserving Fulfilling one’s career is essential to one’s physical and emotional well-being.


Basis for the Research One of the sectors of Bangladesh’s economy that is valuable for people in the workforce and for advancing financial growth is banking. A lot of people work in the banking industry, both as corporate managers and as employees. Nonetheless, the fulfillment of work and the motivation of workers in this field are essential elements for the firm’s execution and competency [10] in order to accelerate the growth of the business and economy.

Employee Contentment:
Worker contentment is dependent upon:

Every employee should receive fair compensation.

A higher level of personnel satisfaction at the firm

Work is scarce.

While there are certain elements that genuinely assist individuals in having a positive experience, there are also several major variables that really hurt employees and negatively impact their motivation and work satisfaction.

The analysis of the data offers us the following points:

Most of the job dissatisfaction is due to a communication mistake or gap between the management and the employees.
The overwhelming quantity of work, which seems like a burden, also stresses out employees.

The employees seek a more fascinating job that fits their particular working interests since they do not feel at home in this environment.

29% of female employees and 32% of male employees feel confined because they don’t fit in the workplace.

Being underpaid, which affects 47% of women and 44% of men, is another significant factor in poor motivation and work unhappiness.

Solution of the employee’s issues

Here are some remedies for lack of drive and mental unhappiness:

  • According to 54% of respondents, their satisfaction is mostly dependent on how well they get along with their direct superiors. We advise staff to do the same.
  • 57% of workers claim that having positive relationships with management helps them feel motivated and satisfied. Maintaining the relationship between staff and management will improve communication about the issues.
  • Employees shouldn’t have to make any concessions about the fact that receiving compensation for their labor is a real transaction; doing so will inspire and uplift them.
  • If your work is secure, what use is a reward? The motivation, inspiration, and pleasure of the employee are significantly influenced by their sense of work security. This is listed as the main driver of motivation and work satisfaction.
  • The most crucial of all potential answers is to complete your assigned tasks well, since doing so will give you both personal fulfillment and financial benefits from the firm.
  • Implementation Plan
  • Such strategies are fairly simple to put into action.by working together with coworkers and other employees of the company: The employee must have a goal in mind in order to make up for their labor with diligence.
  • To give the workforce a calm environment in which to develop, management and employees should engage in appropriate negotiations.
  • The immediate seniors must give to the less experienced workers.
  • The problems need to be fixed.
  • There is no means of dismissing any employees.
  • Employment security is necessary.
  • The staff should be given the same amount of work as before.
  • Conclusion The firm or organization shouldn’t put an undue load on the workers. The employee shouldn’t be under-motivated; instead, he should figure out how the problems will be solved and how to restore morale so that he may work with fervor, zest, and energy. For there to be any sense of job security, employees must establish their worth to the organization. The management and staff should negotiate in the correct manner. These tiny details will add up, and the fear of job satisfaction and poor drive will be overcome.

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